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The teaching of the architectural humanities at manchester school of architecture is characterised by a balance of traditional and innovative teaching and assessment methods developed from the research expertise of the staff. Since 2006 the medium of film has been used to broadcast undergraduate students’ experience and interpretation of the architectural and urban environment through the use of buildings as case studies. 


Following seminars on the history of recent architectural debates and their representation in different media, critical responses to architecture are developed in the time and space of a 5-minute film. These student contributions are Youtube films of buildings visited on study trips principally in major European cities. The 200 plus films so far submitted in this project are discussed at seminars within the cohort. Beyond this teaching function, though, the films continue to attract international interest so far having achieved well over a quarter of a million hits. These new methods of visualizing and presenting the connections of architecture and urbanism introduce the students to the exploratory culture of the post-graduate degree, a basis which is expanded upon in future research.

The limitations of the brevity of the film format are countered by the combination of media which can be composed in the film. Avoiding the seduction of complex editing for its own sake, combinations of film and still images, computer generated models, text, narration, the architect’s testimony or that of the end user and the careful choice of music together provide an augmented architectural experience. The opportunities presented by this mediated exploration include the foregrounding of the experience of architecture over the traditional hegemony of the scholarly text, the placing of the subject building in its context and, therefore, the overcoming of the isolation of the architectural object. 

Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Rene van Zuuk: ARCAM, Amsterdam

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Abalos and Herreros: Usera Public Library, Madrid

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Mies van der Rohe: New National Gallery, Berlin

Brazilian Comment "Great video! Thanks for sharing it."
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American Comment "great job....i'd love to see more architecture videos on youtube"
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Italian Comment "good video meravigliosi LED ZEPPELIN"

Julius Raschdorff: Berlin Cathedral

H.P. Berlage: Beurs, Amsterdam

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Giles Gilbert Scott: Liverpool Cathedral

See also film from "soundation" at
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Berger and Parkinnen etc.: Nordic Embassies, Berlin

Jo Coenen: Emerald Empire, Amsterdam

Venezuelan Comment "Is very interesting the editing and the music is cool...Nice trip!GOOD WORK!"
Mancunian comment '' 'quite a massive view of this... er... water, here' Brilliant."

Monday, 26 February 2007

Alvaro Siza: 'Bonjour Tristesse' apartment building, Berlin

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U.S. comment "nicely done, I think siza would love it!"
Spanish comment "it is what i would have liked to do about this magic building and its story."
Iberian comment "Genial!"
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OMA: Prada, New York

Dutch comment "If Nature fits you out with a brain and you don't use it, is Nature to blame for its excess?"
Another Dutch comment "Such a shame not to use the building to its full potential. If I had a top job in Prada New York, I would invest a bit more time in the architecture of the building and its potential."

I.M.Pei: German Historical Museum, Berlin

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Helmut Jahn: Sony Center, Berlin

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Italian comment "Very nice video! Do you know anything about the future development of Berlin?"
Portuguese comment "great work, thank you, it helped me in my architecture work for the university ehe"
German comment "ohh what a wonderful video and i think that the sony center the most wonderful building complex in the world."

Erich Mendelsohn: Metal Workers Union Building, Berlin

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Peter Ellis: Oriel Chambers, Liverpool

British comment "Not the most inspiring of videos ............ but two awe-inspirng buildings. So far ahead of their time."
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Mexican comment: Hello, I'm an architect from Mexico and I really liked the video of the Oriel Chambers, I found a building in my country very similar to the Oriel. I'm right now studying my master dregge with an investigation about the comercial architectural of the 19th century, and the Oriel Chambers is one of them, I'll be glad if you send me a copy of this video or let me download it from a website or so. Please send me an answer. Thank you, gracias."

Helmut Jahn: Sony Center, Berlin

Sauerbruch and Hutton: Fire and Police Station, Berlin

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K.F. Schinkel: Altes Museum, Berlin

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Paul Wallot / Norman Foster: Reichstag, Berlin

Austrian Comment "Great video."
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Brazilian Comment "Thanks for sharing this video!"
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German Comment "great building".
U.S. Comment "WOW!"

Rafael Moneo: Atocha Station, Madrid

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Spanish comment "..........RECUERDOS............"
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Steven Holl: Sarphatistraat, Amsterdam

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Sauerbruch & Hutton: Photonics Centre, Berlin

Chilean comment "nice work! i like it a lot........"
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Nicholas Grimshaw: Stock Exchange, Berlin

MVRDV: Silodam, Amsterdam

Tasmanian Comment - "Cool video , I like MVRDV works"
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Barbadian Comment "good video! It gives a good idea of the building"
Argentinian Comment "Incredible.You are amazing! I am from Argentina and I love MVRDV..."
Linked from the Spanish site
Italian Comment "great video, music's rythm goes well with image sequence. love most of mvrvd's work."

Sauerbruch & Hutton: GSW HQ, Berlin

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